The Talks of A Merino


The wolf wailed at the merino,
rough and cruel,
with a face of a winner,
and asked “why don’t you plea?”.
Merino replied,determined,
“i may be alone,
but i’ve a pastor,
whom with i share my
my everythng.”
“He’d conjured greenery for my neccesity,
ended my thirst with liabiity,
bestowed me with compassion,
protected me from beasts,
sheltered me with love,
he showed me,
loneliness is no longer an option.”
“He’d used whips on me,
only for guidance on a true path.
He cared for me,
with passion.
Smiled for me,
through his pain.
Flew for me,
for my dreams.”
The clappings of the pastor got nearer,
wolf took one step,
and ran away,
back to the dark,
to the world of
tangled darkness.
Merino mumbled,
“you’re my sweetest pal,
now and always”.

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