Why Messi Is The Best ??

Analysis and stats tell truth,always. Despite his prolific edge not good enough for FCB to hold on to La Liga and UEFA Champions League,the the instincts of the Argentine won the most prestigious award in football once again.The 4th consecutive Ballon d’Or shows he’d craved himself among the all time footballing greats and there is no one at present to match the blistering talents of Messi-ah.91 goals,28 assists,9 hat-tricks,5 goals in a CL match,all in a calender year, claims he’s nothing shorter to phenomenon.Only 25, Lionel Andres Messi has a lot to give in his coming peak years.

International Career-2012

For so many years,critics have blabbered the poor form of Messi for his country,regardless numerous records fell under his effervescent form. But 2012 saw Messi replicating his sensational club form to international stage as well with bagging 12 goals(matched by Batistuta’s 12 goals for most goals by an Argentine in a calendar year) in 11 appearances including 2 hat-tricks,one among them coming in the soul-stirring match against Brazil.He deemed his responsibility towards his nation by relishing the role in captain’s arm band under which Argentina was unbeaten in 2012,with 9 wins & 2 draws. His efforts brimmed by hard work and confidence, with the south American giants posters his worth as No.10 left by the one and only Diego Maradona.

Broken Records

Records griming under the boots of Messi,he would be overlooking to break his own records in the future.So far,Messi have written a large number of record dashboards to his name with the latest coming by thrashing Gerd Muller’s 85 goals to become the leading scorer in any calendar year.At a Champions League night,he scored 5 past Bayer Leverkusen to help Catalans for an emphatic 7-1 win.being the only player to score 5 goals in a CL game. His non-mediocre career eclipsed Cesar Rodriguez’s club best of 232 goals for the Blaugrana in attire of style with a hat-trick,leaving him alone for  apotheosis in football 

Catalan Diary 2012

Although the Midas touch of Messi failed to duplicate the charisma FCB has shown in past years to bring glory in Spanish and European stages,he topped the goal scoring dashboard and the Rosario borne stashed his already filled trophy board with Copa Del Rey trophy. Most of all,he continued to jaw-drop the fans with his eye-stalking performance stating ball is only a part of his legs. Given the accolades he had already handed,it is tough for the world to believe he’s only 25 and the fans love him more and more as long as he keep his legs on ground.

What is Next ?

Even though he’d reserved himself as the unique,critics have one last weapon in their arsenal and that is his lack of a WC medal in his show case. But the fact that he have two more WCs to play for the least,that medal is no longer seeming to slip way from him.All the fans can be assured that after all whatever they’ve seen, they’e yet to see the best of Messiah…..

Comparisons With Fellow Ballon d’Or Competitors


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