Mr.Reality Weds Ms.Dream


The hype was in,

Stellar maze of effervescence

Hanging all over the mind

Roses were present,

Far away,by the

Shyness deemed upon

Angels roamed around,

Vibrant in limelight

Scavenging low,bestowing

Bliss and happiness

Man of present


Shoes of vanity

Dancing around him,

River of charisma

Flowing beneath him,

Leaves of euphoria

Flying with him,

Held his head high,

For the moment of his life.

The guest of wedding,

Arrived late.

Thunders of whispers

Tendered uniquely,

For the warmth of

The lord of realms.

It was Mr.impossible

Wait,wait,wait and wait

The abrupt laughings

Guests conjured

Wrecked the mood,

Rising the stakes of boredom,


But the look on

Mr.Impossible fades

The meagre notions

Of some tragedies.

Roses faded,fried,

Angels weeped,solemnly,

The scenario remained lost.

“The bride was missing”

Reports someone

Never known before.

Eyes thrown for

Mr.Impossible who’ve

Turned to Mr.Invisible,

Left there with nothing,

But the broken bangles of dream.



2 thoughts on “Mr.Reality Weds Ms.Dream

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