Not Out*


Silent,dipped in the inky wrath

of billion memories,seconded to triumph;

inept to forget the stories heard of

hundred tons and many more left unsaid;

I watched him smothering the world once again,for

the inevitable last time,effervescent as first.


Ageless,and assured of immortality,

the knight creased,not before

flaunting the illuminate omega,

relishing the time, crowd went bated,

as it is for now and forever.


Chirping screams,of indignant respect,coherent

for every soul sander ed again

and he took the butt to ground,

daring to succor the ornate of

his purple patch of legacy-perfumed as eternal.


History absorbed the cheers and tears with fain

and time bestirred to stop,to cream the

limelight,explicit on him alone.

With every chant,he played the harness,

leaving the enemy with roar of futility.


Indent,memories route the minds,

to strokes of class and brilliance.

The years bat-told stories overcame

the grieve of the inevitable;

and my thanksgiving started,but only scant.


Nonplussed,the day departed,

notching a billion ‘SACHIN’ to its credits,

and now is the time,cricket gets ‘retired’ hurt;

The sun honored,loathing to end the

glorified supremacy of this knight,

But at the end,he remained NOT OUT.


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