The Highway



With the pace of trickling red blood,

burnt in fierceness of acute sun, routed

I, the length of this tempting highway.

The path didn’t risked to shorten,

so do the spirit foaming inside.

In words of all means, I walked decisively

leaving the stones, turned to bravery.

Never along the way had I strived for

the chilled glass of comfort,

And never along the sights did I looked

for the blushes of lusty green.

For all the palpitations incrementing,

I stopped only for once, but to redeem

the belief, of finding an end.

I walked for countless years,

hence over in my withered feet,

Were weaved a million maps,

and then only found I was of

the betrayal inherited in my belief.

Of all the milestones I passed,

of all the sweat I shed,

my soul got stranded in this road,

hardened by lumpy truth of this endless loop…



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