The Day We Went To Seashore


I remember the day.
None need to be spoken of how;
no ardous skills demanded,
that guarantee I delivers.
And none need to be spoken of why,
as its evident as these lines,
for dreams I sown as hope then,
she blossom springs of love now.
I remember that day.

I remember the evening sky.
Golden sun beackoned in horizon,
radiating shore in yellow lusture.
Monsoon wind, swifting around us,
bridges us through the space seperates.
And seagulls, flying in far shade,
soothing with feel of well-being.

I remember her thick hair,
waving like a flag,promisingly familiar
to my own conscience, more or less,
for I dwelled and built upon
a kingdom under that flag.

I remember her face,
waxed in sand,
and her smile, joyous and full-fledged.

I remember the taste of her saltened kiss,
and this moment lifts me to time where
romantic gold surrendered to melancholy night.
I remember the goodbye she spared,
silent like dead night sea.

Memories are pounding my mind,
likewise the waves pounced those rockbeds.

I remember she-like sea.
I remember Me-like sky.
I remember my love,
Oh memory, you blips me what I forgot,
here you nobility shall be champ.

Lot more I remember,
but I fail to line them anymore.
Now is the time,
words come short of love.



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